our story

‘"Conscious fashion is much more than just a tag on the label"

And that is why we decided to introduce Bark & Leaf, which encompasses all that is nature. 

Bark & Leaf is all about creating innovative and sustainable products with a positive environmental and social impact.

It is inspired by the circular economy concept which means minimizing waste and making the most of resources to create sustainable fashion. Our products are bio-degradable and come in limited batches from materials found in nature making it all the more unique 

We value people, the planet, creativity, and profit in equal measure. And staying true to that credo, we advocate conscious consumerism over fast fashion.Inspired to create timeless pieces, we sought out, and now work with indigenous communities to craft sustainable and ethically sourced bags.

Bark & Leaf bags contain only recyclable or natural materials. Our indigenous skilled artisans create the bags using techniques handed down over generations. These hand-crafted bags are durable and meant to last. But this is just the beginning of the our story!

Fashion is time bound… our bags are not. We re-fashion nature’s waste into bags making them totally unique.

When you purchase a bag from Bark & Leaf, you get a hand crafted product that is made from sustainable/or recycled materials and produces 0% waste.

We invite you to browse the collection of  Vegan, Organic, and Animal Cruelty-
free bags from Bark & Leaf, and experience the fashionable designs and meticulous

ethics + aesthetics = sustainable fashion

WHY bark & leaf?

From Earth , To Earth

Sustainable Fashion

  • All our products use Natural and/or Recycled materials.
  • All raw materials are vegan. We use no animal bi-products.
  • Our bags don’t harm the environment & are naturally degradable

Empowering our team

  • We work with indigenous communities that show commitment, talent and passion for their craft, and provide them with opportunities to make a sustainable living.
  • Ethical working conditions
  • Offer fair trade wages

Community development

  • We organizes regular workshops for our communities to ensure they develop their skills, and get a sense of ownership and pride in
    their craftsmanship
  • Part of our profits are invested back into community projects to develop rural areas and help improve quality of life.

Our ‘Natural Waste’ Raw Materials

From Earth , To Earth

After years of time, energy & dedication into R&D, and experimenting with different materials, our team has developed an innovative production process allows the leaves to be cohesive, pliable & waterproof resulting in a zero-waste production expertise. We exclusively use nature’s discarded leaves collected daily through partnerships with various communities, and convert them into raw materials for our products. Our Innovative process has led to a product that is Unique, Special and just for you!