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What happens if there's been a delivery mishap to my order? (damaged or lost delivery)
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How do you ship my orders?


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How do i make payments using paypal? How does it work?
What are the payment methods available?
Can i pay using paypal without a paypal account?


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What if i change my mind and want a different size or color after my order is placed?
What if i am not pleased with my selection? Can i return or exchange the purchase?
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What are materials do you use?
How do you ensure constant production of bags?
How durable are the bags?
How to clean the bags?
Why can’t you guarantee that 2 bags of the same pattern, and color shade will look not be 100% the same?


Since the product is 100% Natural, shade and character variations are inherent in the material. The pantone of the shades will differ from leaf to leaf, as it depends on each leaf’s ability to absorb color. A piece of bag may have different shades of the same color. Although images taken best represent the color and tone of the bag, the same color as the pictures cannot be guaranteed..