The cost of fast fashion: How one bag purchase can make a difference to the environment

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It’s increasingly clear that fast fashion comes at a cost. While it might be a convenient option, there is an increasing amount of research that demonstrates that unfortunately, that convenience comes at the expense of the environment.

Stats demonstrate that manufacturing a simple pair of jeans can produce greenhouse gases that are equal to driving a car for over 80 miles. And as we continue to use and discard clothing and bags made of non-biodegradable fabrics, landfills continue to pile up...and these items can take over 200 years to actually disintegrate!

We could go on and on, but a clear picture emerges: A lot of massive fashion brands might be telling you they’re sustainable...the likelihood is, it’s not the total truth. Recycling, reuse, and zero-waste aren’t really a part of the corporate vocabulary, so fast fashion continues to follow the status quo.

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However, not all fashion brands are created equal…

While large fashion brands aren’t really able to incorporate sustainability into their bottom line, that isn’t the case for smaller fashion brands. Throughout the history of fashion, it’s smaller brands that have been the frontier for change, the ones that change perceptions and pave the way for bigger fashion brands to follow. But where smaller brands fall short is resource. While large fashion companies have an army of resources behind them to propel marketing power and brand recall, smaller brands aren’t always able to match that. So smaller fashion brands can lead the charge for being environmentally friendly, but they can’t always control the conversation the way bigger companies can. 

But the future of fashion lies within these smaller brands, which is why supporting them is so important. Not only does it feel good to give back and meaningfully contribute, but it makes a statement. It helps reinforce the importance of these principles and why committing to sustainability is important from a business and consumer side. Seeking out smaller eco-friendly brands that incorporate sustainability can be your way of making an impact and supporting a cause that you care about.


Because ultimately, smaller brands have a different bottom line comparatively. It’s about creating products that are eco-friendly without compromise and focusing on sustainability. 

At Bark and Leaf, we’re proud of our products because we know the work that goes into them and more importantly, the process behind its manufacturing. Our bags are made of recycled materials straight from the earth. We use discarded banana, lotus and raintree leaves through a zero-waste process to create our bags.


Making a real difference to the environment is possible

When it comes to saving the planet, there is a lot of pessimism. We see debates on whether climate change is real, and an unwillingness to recognize how our actions are impacting the planet - as individuals and as businesses. But we also know that there are people clamoring for a change, who want to support the environment and make a difference. Our bags are crafted with recycled materials, and each one has its own story. Ethically sourced and created, our products are about making a difference, standing out and being the change. And this is the heritage we want to pass on with each bag that finds a new home, the sense of knowing that we’re part of a large movement of positive change. 

With one bag purchase, you can make a difference. Supporting and protecting the environment is about accountability and change from business, but also a matter of individual choices. Even the smallest decisions can have an impact when it comes to the environment, so it’s important to take advantage of that when you can - small changes add up. Whether it’s changing your routine so you’re walking more and taking less public transport, or thinking more consciously about your purchasing choices, all of these decisions matter when it comes to saving the planet and can make a difference. 

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