Our Core Values

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Fashion — All fashion starts with the design. And the design tells a lot about a
fashion product. Our bags are styled to be fashionable, using all natural
materials that reflect their positive impact on the environment. Because every
bag is handcrafted using natural materials it will be a unique work of

Empowering our team — We work with women in rural areas who show great
talent and passion for their craft, and provide them with opportunity to make a
living developing their skills crafting 100% handmade bags. This includes ethical
working conditions in our production facilities, and a policy of Beyond Trade

Community development — Bark and Leaf is about more than just jobs. We organise
workshops teaching the women working for us to be a valuable part of our
sustainable production chain, develop their skills, and get a sense of ownership
and pride in their craftwork. Part of our profits are put back into projects to help
improve the quality of life and development of these rural regions, so we as a
company can grow together with the people around us.

Environmental positive products — All our products are 100% handmade,
and uses Natural and/or Recycled materials. All raw materials are vegan, i.e.,
they are cruelty-free and uses no animal bi-products. They are one with nature
and doesn’t harm the environment. The way we craft our bags ensures that the
organic materials returned to nature are benign and naturally degradable.

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